Sarah Palin Should Scare You. A Lot.

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Here are just a few of the biggest reasons to worry about Sarah Palin and the McCain-Palin ticket:

* In her first year Palin asked for over $550 million in earmark requests.  Smell pork?  Source:  AP.

* Sarah Palin was for the “bridge to nowhere” until… she was against it.  Source:  CNN.

* The people who have worked with her in city and state government say Sarah is inflexible and a bully.  Source: US Magazine.

* She asked the city librarian about banning books when newly mayor of Wasilla.  Source:  Time Magazine.

* She struck rape kits from the budget of the police, forcing victims to pay for their own rape kits (up to $1200).  Source: US News contributing editor Bonnie Erbe.

* Palin is against abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  Source:  Lifenews.

* She is “proud” of her 17-year old unmarried daughter’s decision to keep her baby, but wants to prevent other women from being able to make that choice.  Source:  CNN.

* She got her first passport last year. Incurious? Provincial? Have to think so.  Source:  New York Times.

* Palin is under investigation in Alaska for abuse of power in “Troopergate” where she tried to get her brother-in-law fired (he was in a bitter divorce and custody dispute with her sister), and when the head of public safety refused, she fired HIM instead. Now she, her husband, and her staff are refusing to cooperate with the investigation or answer subpoenas, claiming “executive privilege.” Sound familiar (see George Bush, Karl Rove, et al).  Source:  ABC News.

* She used personal e-mail for public business, but now is hiding something; claiming that communication is privileged.  Source:  Washington Post.

* Last year Palin charged the state for the per diem travel expense for over 300 nights spent in her own home.  Source:  Washington Post.

* She took a debt-free city and left it with big debt.  Source: Atlantic.com.

* She raised money by creating an oil company windfall profits tax, but now is running on a ticket against such taxes.  Source:  Bloomberg.

* Sarah didn’t know what the Bush doctrine was in her first big interview with Charlie Gibson after her selection by McCain (it says, very ominously for international order and without recent precedent, that a country can engage in a preemptive war, without any aggression or provocation, if it believes that a threat exists and a hostile act might be forthcoming).  Source: Sarah Palin Holds Forth on Bush Doctrine, Pakistan.

* Sarah Palin believes that God is on her side in the war.  Her pentecostal/evangelical beliefs give her great certainty that her positions are sanctioned by God, and that all means are justified in rooting out “evil.”  The Republican handlers got her to claim that her statement was her take on Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote, but any reasoned comparison quickly falls apart.  Source:  Time Magazine.

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