McCain Caught In Bed With Freddie Mac

September 24, 2008 · Leave a Comment

So the breaking news now: the firm owned by Rick Davis, McCain’s campaign manager, received payments from Freddie Mac as recently as last month.  Davis had claimed that the relationship ended three years ago.

The original Maverick?  Huh?!  An outsider?  Huh?!  The McCain-Palin campaign is being run by insider lobbyists, trying desperately to wrap themselves in a shawl of change, because they’ve figured out that’s what America is demanding.

Does McCain-Palin really believe that the public won’t see through their cynicism?  The candidate of change – after his party has controlled the presidency for the last eight years, after he was the most ardent of deregulation supporters (including oversight of Freddie Mac).

McCain admits he doesn’t know as much about the economy as he should.  Palin knows even less.  I wonder if she’s even had just one college-level class in economics given her school-jumping.  Now, apparently, McCain either didn’t know as much about his campaign manager as he should, or else he DID know, but was trying to keep that information out of the public’s view.

Check out the story in the Washington Post:  McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid Recently.

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