Palin Out of the Spotlight

September 25, 2008 · 1 Comment

The McCain-Palin campaign must be delighted that the financial crisis and McCain’s broad, if self-serving, rush into Washington has temporarily taken Palin out of the spotlight.  All the more so, because Sarah’s second true interview (after Gibson – Hannnity doesn’t count in oh so many ways) is airing in segments this week.  I’m sure the campaign felt like Katie Couric would be a better showcase for Palin, and Couric is a little more light-handed than Gibson was.   But she’s still a journalist, so she has to ask a few substantive questions.

Based on the little I’ve seen so far, Sarah once again proves that she’s just not ready with the background information or the ability to talk about substantive issues.  In Wednesday’s segment Palin couldn’t come up with examples of McCain’s push for more regulation.  That’s because there aren’t many – he’s been the crusader for deregulation for most of his career.  Now that the financial hardships have hit, he’s a reformed regulator.  Just like he wants to wrap himself in the garment of change.

McCain has attempted to get the first Presidential candidate debate moved back from Friday, 9/27.  Why do you think that is?

  • His poll numbers have been sliding
  • The debate is likely to shift its focus at least in part to the economy and away from foreign affairs – i.e. to an area where he is weaker from an area where he is stronger
  • He is trying to show some leadership cred by running into Washington and crying “all hands on deck”
  • He is afraid that the debate format is not good for him
  • The more he delays the greater the chance that he can get some debates cancelled

My sneaking suspicion is that he also wants to “crowd out” the Vice Presidential debate, because of fears that Palin will fare poorly.

I’m encouraged that Palin’s negatives have headed higher.  I always figured that the intense scrutiny would eventually give people pause.  Those intense love affairs tend to end quickly.  Reality sets in.  The lights are coming back on.  And the American people are realizing who they’ve been dancing with for the past three weeks, and they’re not happy about it.

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