Palin took over $25,000 in gifts while Governor

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Reform?  Clean Government?

I guess taking big gifts is an Alaskan tradition?!

Big bad Ted Stevens had his house expanded by Veco Corp, and is sitting in court now defending himself against charges of lying about it.  He represents the most established of all of the Alaskan “old boys network.”

But Palin has recently tried to position herself as someone who broke through all that, who stood up to a culture of corruption.  The clean living reformer.  I say recently, because her political history suggests that this positioning is a relatively recent incarnation.  In fact, in her early political career she was coddled and developed by the very network she later railed against.  But now this.

The revelation that Palin took over $25,000 in gifts, some very personal (travel, expensive individual gifts), and often coming from people with specific interests in the outcome of governmental process adds new tarnish to the claims of reform-mindedness made by Palin.

My mother always told me to be careful about announcing myself as too good or pure or honest – or anything, because if you’re going to claim it, you’d better be able to have every little thing you do exceed the claim.

The more I learn the more convinced I am that Palin is simply a horrible pick for McCain and the Republican party.  In every single press interview where she’s asked actual questions (and Fox News has disqualified itself from being considered news – heck, it’s barely entertainment) she stumbles and looks more and more like she is so far out of her league that it is laughable.

Read about Palin’s gift-taking from the Washington Post:  Palin Accepted $25,000 in Gifts, Alaska Records Show

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