Famed Liberal (Socialist?) George F. Will Questions McCain

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OK, I’m sorry, but you know that the McCain-Palin ticket has been abandoned by everyone except the KKK, James Dobson and the Christian Right and their mothers (but, famously, not necessarily mother-in-laws in the case of “First Gentlemen” Todd Palin’s mother) when George F’in Will speaks out against the outrageous positions and claims the ticket is making.

In his recent Washington Post article “Call Him John The Careless, ” venerable populist/intellectual of conservatives George Will calls out McCain for his reckless choice of Palin as Vice-Presidential candidate.

In his article Will chides McCain for his choice of Palin and her severe misunderstanding of the role of Vice President, and also for their ridiculous challenge to the huge groundswell of support for Obama-Biden.  This surge has been moral, financial and has brought new participants, both young and old into the political process.  Indeed, Obama is one of the first “movement” candidates we’ve had in the United States in a very, very, very long time.  McCain now claims that Obama donors, who have contributed on average between $80 and $90 each, are somehow skirting campaign finance laws and subverting democracy.  Are you McCain’ing kidding me?

Palin and her “circle” were busy today contemplating Sarah’s future if/when McCain/Palin loses.  As I’ve written here previously, apparently Sarah believes she is the future of the Republican party and has even talked publicly about a 2012 run, “if” they lose.  Oops, NOT a talking point!  Personally I happen to think that the establishment Republicans will wrest back control and send Palin a’packin’ – but I always try to remember that no one has ever gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.  Especially Republicans.

I kind of hope Sarah stays around.  It would make this URL domain (www.hatepalin.com) a whole lot more useful, and my life a lot more interesting.  It would also mean the dissipation of conservative power over the nation due to internecine warfare within the Republican party.  I think that would be a very good thing.

If it weren’t all so serious, it would be comical.

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