More Republicans Switch to Support Obama

October 24, 2008 · 1 Comment

The drip of bad news coming from those who ought to be supporting the McCain-Palin ticket seemed to accelerate this week.  It must feel like a form of water torture, really.  I mean these are the tried and true Republicans, often the moderates, who seem to be the winning future of the party.

We’ve seen former Secretary of State Colin Powell and former Press Secretary Scott McClellan come out in support of Obama.  Peggy Noonan, while not actually voicing support, has been highly critical of Palin and of McCain for choosing her.

Here are two more Republicans for Obama:

Combine these defections with a shrinking electoral map, and McCain-Palin face daunting odds indeed.  There’s still a lot of time in the race, and anything is possible, but the signs can’t be encouraging for those within the McCain-Palin campaign.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the key states:

  • McCain-Palin have essentially given up on these key “swing” states:  Michigan, Iowa, New Mexico
  • McCain-Palin are near to conceding:  Ohio, Missouri
  • Toss-up states that should be solidly Republican:  Indiana, North Carolina
  • And one of the two kahunas?  Florida, where McCain-Palin went from a recent 5 point lead to a 1 point deficit as of today.

What does that leave?  The other big kahuna – Pennsylvania.  The electoral math says that Pennsylvania has become a must-win state for McCain-Palin.  And Tom Ridge, after being passed over for the VP slot, is still a McCain-Palin supporter, but he has been publicly speculating that the ticket would be much further ahead had McCain chosen him instead of Sarah Palin.

There’s even a site now for Republicans who are supporting Obama:  www.republicansforobama.com

As I’ve said before, the Palin decision worked great at firing up the hard right base, but not only has it alienated the independents necessary to win, by all indications it has also alienated enough moderate Republicans, including former holders of powerful positions like Governors of big states.  Not a good sign for McCain-Palin at all.

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  • RUSS DAGGETT // October 27, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Reply

    I get a kick out of those who say “Palin” scares me. Scared of what?? Wait till you get a a man in the White House believing in take from the rich give to the poor. Sound like a song you have heard before.? Palin has “no experience” More than Abe Lincoln had. Some one said “OH that was a different time” It was and all he had was a civil war and slavery on this hands. In the private in the booth don!t look for the American people to vote for a black President.

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