Palin-Biden Debate and NASCAR

October 2, 2008 · 1 Comment

The big Vice-Presidential candidate debate happens tonight.  I know I’ll be watching, will you?

I hate to admit this, but I will watch largely for the same reason that I occasionally watch auto racing:  the chance that someone will hit the wall and explode into flames.  Or maybe an accident at high speed sending the car into an end-over-end cyclone of destruction, with parts strewn all over the raceway (remember that opening sequence on the “Wide World of Sports” back in the late 1970’s?).

Certainly Palin has given us all some precious moments of awesome crashes.

  • What magazines or newspapers does she read regularly?  All of them.  Whatever is put in front of her.
  • What Supreme Court decisions other than Roe vs. Wade does she think were wrong?  Ummm a lot of them, just none that she can remember and cite.
  • We should invade the sovereign borders of Pakistan.
  • Her foreign policy experience is being able to see Russia.
  • She has seen evidence of human footprints inside dinosaur footprints.
  • A Kenyan witch-doctor is largely responsible for her becoming Governor of Alaska.

Now good old Joe Biden is also prone to put his big foot in his big mouth.  So that kind of adds to the thrill.

Sadly the format supports scripted talking points (at the insistence of the McCain campaign), so the chances for really high speeds and hot temperatures that are a necessary precondition for spectacular crashes will be low.

But we can watch and hope.

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  • Derek Villanueva // October 2, 2008 at 10:31 pm | Reply

    I know you’re probably expecting (like the rest of the world) a political debate that will have one candidate leaving with some sort of garnish around their neck and the other with verbal scrapes and bruises but the reality is this will be the first time the McCain camp will remove the training wheels off Gov.Sarah Palin’s tricycle…so expect her to be slow with executing answers.

    She doesn’t stand a chance.

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