Palin the Tax Cheat

October 6, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Remember when Palin said that she didn’t think that paying taxes was patriotic in her debate with Biden?  You ain’t kidding there, joe six-pack.

Upon scrutinizing the Palins’ tax returns, tax experts say that there are some big questions raised by what is – and what is not – in those returns.  Here are the two biggest issues so far:

  • The state of Alaska paid for Sarah’s husband and children to travel with her while she was Governor.  Well, if they weren’t acting in an official state capacity (and how could they be, since they held no office or employment?), and the expenses were reimbursed (which they were, for nearly $50,000 last year), then the reimbursement would be taxable income.  Guess what?  The Palins did not report that income.  Oh oh.
  • Todd’s snowmobile racing passion has been treated as a business rather than a hobby, allowing them to write off expenses.  The problem is that there are some strict rules around what is a business and what is a hobby.  This one is sure to get a lot more scrutiny.

I’ll agree with Sarah that paying taxes you don’t owe is not patriotic.  Not paying taxes you do owe is just palin cheating.

Read more from Leslie Layne in The New York Times Politics Blog entry, Questions Linger About Palin Taxes.

Stay tuned.

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