You’re a Real American If:

October 22, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Let me get this straight, Sarah.

You believe that someone is a real American if:

  • They like McCain-Palin
  • They live in a small town
  • They believe in Jesus
  • They’re white
  • They like guns
  • They like to use guns to kill animals
  • They think criticism of America, even when we’re on the wrong course is Un-American
  • They are straight
  • They are anti-gay
  • They are anti-choice

In other words, Sarah – “if you look exactly like me, believe exactly like I do and support me, then you’re a real country-lovin, country-first American.  If you don’t, you’re un-American.”

Un-unh Sarah.

Real Americans love this country for its proud history as well as its unrealized potential.  Real Americans don’t say “my country right or wrong,” they say “let’s make sure my country gets it right.”  Real Americans can differ on the direction of the country, but they don’t call those who disagree with them un-American.  They don’t demonize those of different faith, race, geography, sexual orientation.  Real Americans are not afraid of difference, but embrace diversity as a positive good.

It’s the politics of exclusion and divisiveness that are really un-American.  Sarah, I’m not going to call you un-American.  But what you’re doing – now that’s un-American.

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