Sarah, what has thou wrought?

October 11, 2008 · Leave a Comment

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Kill Him!  Off with his head!  Traitor!  Arab!

No, this is not from a public execution in medieval England.  It’s the soundtrack to McCain-Palin’s latest anti-Obama smear campaign.

This is what you inevitably hear when you send Sarah Palin to stoke unstable supporters with incendiary rhetoric.

No one looks more pained about this than McCain himself who’s now in the awkward position of having to defend Obama against his own seething base.

But what did the McCain campaign expect?  The people they’re trying to “energize always jump at an opportunity to vent their anger, and Palin did everything short of handing out pitchforks at her rallies.

The good news is that all this ugliness (likened by some to the race-baiting vitriol of George Wallace), only serves to elevate Obama’s stature.

Let’s just hope McCain does the honorable thing and reins in Sarah before actual violence breaks out at one of their events.

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