She said What?!

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It’s almost too much to keep up with.  The ridiculous statements and misstatements.  I know that we say anyone can grow up to be President, and by extension, Vice President, but do we really mean it?  I guess McCain thinks so for both positions.

The latest statements that require some comment:

  1. Palin – rejecting the view held by McCain – does not believe that human activity is responsible for global warming.  Instead, she believes that climate is cyclical.  She admits it’s happening and that we have to do something about it, which is at least more than you could have said for Bush four years ago.
  2. She said we should go across the border into Pakistan.  We are on very thin ice with Pakistan, having mismanaged that relationship by a blind and almost dogmatic binding of the whole relationship into our support of Musharraf.
  3. She has said that whatever Israel feels it has to do, particularly with respect to Iran, we must support them, including a nuclear attack.  Really?   We don’t get the right to have an opinion on what course of action is wise and prudent and should be supported?

The second statement, made in response to a citizen’s question, was challenged during a joint interview Katie Couric had with Palin and McCain.  McCain then proceeded to try to make the case that the press attention on this statement was a case of “gotcha” journalism.  If he meant that it was a manufactured statement, a trick by the media to get someone to say something they really didn’t mean, then um, no it wasn’t.  The candidate made it in response to a voter, and it was captured on tape.  If he meant that the subsequent focus on the statement was unnecessarily sharp – again no.  A candidate’s statements must be watched closely.  They are generally closely scripted to avoid getting off message, but we often learn more in the “slips” about their real opinion than we do in the carefully crafted answers that allow for maximum wiggle room and minimum real message.  So Palin said something that should alarm a lot of people.  Either she has to say that she misspoke or stand by her comment, but not try to attack the journalists who report that comment and attempt to understand its context.

After trying to play victim once again (my god, is there anything we can say or do about Sarah Palin other than fall at her feet and proclaim her the second coming that would not have McCain’s camp crying out about her victimhood – oh the sexism, the elitism, the requirement that our candidates actually know something about the world and be intelligent!), they then proceeded to mischaracterize her statement.  Just like they had done about the “pray that God is on our side” quote relative to the Iraq war.

I’m sorry Sarah, the excuses are running thin and your gaffes are piling high.

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