"That One" Obama Wins Second Debate

October 7, 2008 · 1 Comment

Did everyone hear the snarky condescension in McCain’s voice in the second Presidential candidate debates?  He called Obama “that one” in reference to a vote in support of a bill he claimed was backed by “Bush-Cheney.”  That was the most uncomfortable moment in the debate for me, but incredibly revelatory of McCain’s character.

And was it just me, or did McCain’s “That one” comment sound dismissive, dehumanizing, and even vaguely racist?

McCain impressed me as nothing if not a cranky, cantankerous grandpa, who can’t always get his stories straight.

I’ve always thought that the debates would be a moment for Obama to shine.  He has consistently had a message of change even back when McCain was running on  experience and getting closer to Bush than a straight man ought to.  So far I’ve been proven right.

Obama looked Presidential.  McCain looked like a relic from the past.  Obama talked about moving forward; McCain talked about looking back to the example of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neil.  Obama stayed and worked the crowd; McCain didn’t shake Obama’s hand and left early.  People wanted their pictures taken with Obama, but only shook McCain’s hand.

McCain-Palin are behind.  McCain had to knock it out of the park.  He didn’t.  His options are shrinking faster than you can say “hair plugs.”

The early poll that I’ve seen on CNN give the debate handily to Obama:

Those who say the debate was won by Obama = 54%; those saying McCain won = 30%.

Obama moved his favorable rating up 4 points (from 60% to 64%) and his unfavorable down 4 points (from 38% to 34%).

McCain, meanwhile, moved not at all.  His favorable stayed flat at 51%, and his unfavorable stayed flat at 40%.

In addition to showing no movement, please note that he is at a big disadvantage on both favorable and unfavorable ratings.

Point and Set.

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  • RJ // October 8, 2008 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    McCain’s “That One” comment was the only authentic remark McCain made during the entire debate. In fairness, both candidates stuck fairly close to their speaking points, but in that wonderful moment of candor, McCain made his disdain for Obama obvious.

    This surprised me because until that point I had given McCain the benefit of the doubt. I had assumed all his belligerent posturing was not really him but his campaign speaking. After all, mock outrage and “tough talk” are the hallmarks of any successful Republican candidate, and most of the time their jabs–however vicious–seem merely theatrical.

    But not this time. This time it looked personal. McCain actually dislikes Obama–really dislikes him. When he threw his hand in Obama’s direction and spat out “That One,” he looked every bit the ornery old man that he is, furious that Obama was besting him on a national stage. And yes, there were definitely racist overtones–not quite as bad but in the same general category as “you people.”

    Bravo, McCain. You finally gave the press (remember, they’re the people you and Palin now hate) something to really get excited about.

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