Troopergate Report Released – Palin Abused Power

October 11, 2008 · Leave a Comment

I’ve yet to get my hands on the full Troopergate released by the bipartisan committee of the Alaskan legislature, but when I do I’ll write about it here.

Here’s what I can distill from the various reports:

  • Palin abused the power of her office in pursuing a personal vendetta against officer Wooten (her ex-brother in law).
  • Palin’s husband Todd and other surrogates of the Governor acting on behalf of the Governor pushed the head of Alaska’s Public Safety Department to fire or otherwise discipline Wooten outside of the rules and regulations.
  • Palin was within her legal right as Governor to dismiss Walt Monegan (that position serves at the request and whim of the Governor).
  • This behavior is consistent with what Alaskan critics of the Governor have been saying for a long time: that Palin and her administration were bullying, with a “take no prisoners,” “for us or agin us” mentality.

Bottom line:  Palin exercised poor judgement continuously over a long period of time.  Palin lacks the maturity and discretion to properly exercise power.  Palin was an impetuous and disastrous pick for McCain, although this is in keeping with his self-described penchant to mak quick decisions from the gut – right or wrong – and then to try to live with the consequences.  It would seem that he picked a running mate cut out of the same cloth.  A McCain-Palin administration would be dangerous for America and for the world.

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