Call Me French President – “Sir Cozy”

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Contributed by DV

First of all, if I was that Palin staff member or personal assistant transferring over that “important” call, I would be looking for another job faster than you can say, ‘Drill, Baby Drill,’ or in her simple secretarial words, ‘Search, Baby Search.’ On Craigslist that is. No ladies and gentlemen, this wasn’t a scene from the MTV hidden camera series “Punk’d,’ a show that thrives on victimizing celebrities for cheap ridiculous laughter, no. This was an actual prank call made by a gay French Canadian radio personality duo Marc-Antoine Audette & Sebastien Trudel, whom happen to also be in a relationship aside from work.

Knowing Palin, she probably thinks that Sarkozy’s name is spelled out to be, “Sir Cozy.” I mean, did you hear her flirting on the phone with him.

Why did she take the call?

1. Her staff members were probably from Tennessee or someone who doesn’t realize that France is no longer under a Monarchy Rule.

2. Because, like Sarkozy, she believes that after November 4th (tomorrow), the McCain-Palin ticket will defeat the ‘Socialist Party,’ just like Sarkozy did with Segolene Royal, a real socialist candidate. But unlike Royal, Obama happens to be nothing near a socialist.

3. Like everyone who knows what it’s like to cram for an exam, you just have to take a call from a friend to vent from cramming all day long, which is what she did.

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