Palin 2012? Even McCain is in on the joke.

November 3, 2008 · 2 Comments

On Saturday Night Live on November 1st Presidential candidate McCain did a skit with Tina Fey in which they go on QVC (the only TV they can afford) as a way to counter Obama’s multi-network half-hour special, and also “sell some stuff.”

It was moderately funny, but felt a little awkward to me.  McCain was in a skit where Palin (Fey) “goes rogue” in the middle of a segment and starts hawking her new t-shirt “Palin 2012” to a camera stage left.

Even Cindy got in on the act, showcasing the “fine gold” (as in McCain-Fine Gold) that was being sold to help raise money for the campaign.  That was bad punsterism that warmed my heart.

Palin also got in on the Fey action, saying that Tina should keep her Palin outfits because she’ll need them over the next four years.  I think she was implying that the McCain-Palin ticket would score an upset win on election day.  Whatever the implication, one certain thing is that Palin is planning on staying on the national stage, regardless of how the election turns out.  And, therefore, this site isn’t going anywhere.

If you haven’t seen the SNL skit, watch it here and decide for yourself.  Is McCain just a good sport participating in some self-deprecating humor, or was it odd to see a candidate for President poke fun at his Vice President pick?

Watch it here:

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