Alaskans Want a Focused Governor

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Check out this letter posted on December 6th in the Fairbanks Daily News * Miner (www.newsminer.com) from John E. Zimmerman of Fairbanks:

Dec. 4, 2008

To the editor:

In my September letter to the editor, I predicted the Republicans would lose the presidential election and the selection of Gov. Palin as Sen. McCain’s running mate, however entertaining, was a serious mistake in judgment. I say entertaining, but entertainment was not what I voted for, neither was it for the rest of the country.

More accurately stated, the Republican Party never had a chance, no matter who became its choice for the White House or for vice president. The die of this failed election was cast eight years ago and remains with us today, waiting change.

The Bush administration managed to create an overwhelming sense of distrust from the war in Iraq to a multitude of failed policies and economic problems at home. Unfortunately, it all happened on his watch with little wiggle room for meaningful justification. It would be exceedingly difficult to find any major accomplishments aimed at “for the good of the people” to feel good about.

Gov. Palin’s personal obsession for political exposure could be recognized as a work in progress and nothing more. She spared no effort selling herself and at the same time spared no effort attacking her opponents throughout the national election. Not the best way to win friends or influence people, especially voters.

While our state faces budgetary and other internal problems, Gov. Palin’s secondary focus seemed to have been a self-appointed senatorial position should Sen. Stevens win the election and be voted out by his peers. She called on Sen. Stevens to step down, guaranteeing herself the job. We now know a Democrat won this election while preserving the dignity and honor of Sen. Stevens. Sen. Stevens may not ask President Bush for a pardon, but someone should.

I hope Gov. Palin will now concentrate on being the best governor for our state. How she governs could determine her future political possibilities. Nothing trumps good judgment and experience with a little Emily Post mixed in. 2012 would not be the right time for any Republican presidential comeback. Try 2020.

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