Palin Spends $165,000 on Stylists in Campaign

December 6, 2008 · Leave a Comment

In records filed with the Federal Election Commission, more evidence of profligate spending on behalf of Palin in her unsuccessful run for the Vice Presidency has come to light.  An amount in excess even of the $150,000 spent on clothing and other accessories for Palin and her family – $165,00 – was spent on stylists for the candidate.

The amount is shocking, and even high-end stylists working in Hollywood have assessed the fees charged by the likes of Lisa Kline of New York ($54,900 paid in mid-October) as seriously out of the norm, even if the sytlist had traveled with the candidate every day.  The campaign also paid Palin’s make-up artist  Amy Strozzi, $68,400.

The image the campaign tried to paint of Palin as just a down-home every-day person is falling apart at the seams, just as the attempt to position her as a “maverick” is seriously faltering.

I continue to hope that the Religious Right believes that Palin and Huckabee are the future of the Republican Party, and are willing to fight their internal holy war in that pursuit.  That just might give Obama the breathing room he needs to make some serious and significant changes to the profligate spending, cronyism, poor decision-making and corporatism that has left us fighting two wars and has nearly bankrupted the country.

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