Is Palin a quitter?

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Levi Johnston is probably right.  Palin took a look around, saw her popularity continue to sink, and decided that getting a ghost writer (who could actually construct sentences in English) and job as a Fox pundit sounded a lot better.

I do have to admit that Alaska’s ethics laws makes it easy to tie up an elected official with a huge burden defending against claims – both in legal bills and in energy and focus.  But we also have to look at why those claims were made.  And it’s not just because of political differences, although that surely plays a part.  Palin’s style was to go in both barrels blazing, shooting from the hip.  And she made a lot of bad decisions.  Like taking the daily stipend when she was staying at her own home.  Like having the RNC fund a shopping spree for the whole family.  Like using government money to pay for her spouse and children to travel with her.  Like using the levers of government to work through a personal vendetta against her ex-brother in law (Alaska’s own Troopergate – cool!).

So, yes, Palin brought the trouble on herself.  Now the long knives are out.  Now even the delusional Bill Kristol (thanks so much for the Iraq war, Bill) can only rise to calling her resignation a “high risk strategy” after so many months of promoting her political career.  The intellectual branch of the Republican party was never on board with her Jesus and guns anti-intellectual populism.  That fissure will continue to wrench the party so long as it entertains even the possibility that someone like Palin who has such meager capabilities and, as we now see, lacks the steady temperament to be in politics.

I’m sure the grand old party will comeback.  But it won’t happen as long as they party has to kowtow to the religious right.  And what must they be thinking as those christian-claiming members continue to reveal not only hypocrisy but bad judgement – a la South Carolina’s Mark Sanford, or Nevada’s Jim Ensign – or even Florida’s Mark Foley.  They must be grateful for the ridiculous amount of coverage given to Michael Jackson’s death, which has pushed them out of the news cycle.  Let’s hope for their sake that they, and the GOP, find a better path to redemption than MJ.

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