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File this in your “truth is stranger than fiction” file.

Sarah Palin is now a commentator, nee “pundit,” on Fox “News.”  Forget for the moment the laughable assertion that Fox “News” is actually a news channel.  Perhaps you’ve seen the statistics about the mix between “news” and “opinion” programming, or the anemic attempt to justify the blurring of the line between news and advocacy by claiming that the audience is keenly aware of the differences in the programming slots.  More likely you haven’t.  You’ve probably heard the ridiculous claim of “fair and balanced.”  In any case, Fox has truly jumped the shark in hiring Sarah Palin to serve as commentator about politics.  The gushing of O’Reilly in her on air welcome was disgusting.  Their breathless love-fest reminded me of another O’Reilly episode – I think it had to do with offensively suggestive sexual innuendo recorded on a phone call to one of his female producers.  Maintaining that Palin finally has the chance to get her views and her side of the story out without the mean-spirited, left-leaning, anti-God, liberal elitist media, Palin said she was simply thrilled for this opportunity on Fox “News.”

The one glimmer of hope?  It is widely reported that several close members of the Murdoch family are gunning for Roger Ailes, the head of Fox “News.”  Some say it’s the joining of forces disgusted by the abandonment of all news principles by Fox “News” under Ailes with attempts to better position this set of children against that set of children in the struggle over succession in a post-Rupert world.  Read about it here:  The Daily Beast.

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