Queers and Low-Lifes and Faggots

November 19, 2010 · Leave a Comment

Yes, those were the choice words used by Willow Palin on Facebook to attack someone who had the nerve to criticize Mama Sarah Palin’s hokey contrived “Alaska” show.

Bristol joined the pile-on, before both beat a hasty retreat after media coverage of the verbal attack. They posted an online “apology,” which was not accepted by the target of their attack. “Tre” (who is not gay) said that based on the frequency with which the Palin girls use these anti-gay epitaphs, it certainly seems like they are homophobes. The grizzly dung doesn’t fall far from the grizzly.

If you knew what shame was, Palin family, you should feel it now. But apparently that would require a level of intelligence and sophistication that is simply not a part of the family DNA.

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