Is Michele Bachmann the New Sarah Palin?

January 29, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Based on the simplicity of thought, the profound ignorance and intellectual void, one would have to say that Michele Bachmann is indeed the new Sarah Palin.  But she has other similarities, like her ability to get signficant media coverage – either in horror (MSNBC), flattering (Fox “News”), or most recently CNN showing her entire Tea Party rebuttal to Obama’s State of the Union address that came immediately on the heels of the official Republican Party rebuttal that was delivered by Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

Bachmann’s Tea Party stunt reveals that a lot of the Republican Party is both embarrassed and scared by the Tea Party in general, and Palin and Bachmann specifcially.

Consider that prominent elected Republican officials reacted to Bachmann’s appointment to the House Intelligence Committee by calling it like “Jumbo Shrimp.  Oxymoron.”  Or another “Is that a punchline?”  But neither would go on record.

When Jason Chaffetz was ballsy enough to criticize Bachmann for grandstanding with a Tea Party rebuttal in competition with a Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union address, he quickly had to take back his criticism with a press release that came out – get this – from Bachmann’s office.

Representative Joe Walsh of Illinois (a Tea Party favorite) did not back down on his criticism of Bachmann:

“She was out of line. She had no business stepping on the official Republican response to the State of the Union. I can say that to you saying I’m a fan of Michele Bachmann’s. She and I think the same on virtually probably every darn issue.”

The other things Bachmann has in common with Sarah Palin is the ability to rile up the religious right base, and to raise lots of money.  She raised $13 million in her last election to her oponent’s $4.3 million (which would have been considered enormous in other times).

Why do we seem to celebrate ignorance, vapidity and viciousness in this country?  Whether it’s Jersey Shore or Palin or Bachmann, it’s all a part of the coarsening and dumbing down of America.

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