A Cabinet of Contemptibles

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OK, I’m pretty proud of my new tagline ™.


Jeff Session (R-AL) – or… Beverley Leslie?

I’ve always known that Jeff Sessions was detestable. Yes, he’s gotten a Zero rating from HRC (do you know hard you have to work for a zero?) Perhaps all you really need to know is that he’s a Republican from Alabama, but surprisingly that might actually slander your run-of-the-mill racist homophobic Republican from Alabama. But I didn’t know how deep his racism ran.

Thanks to one of the few news organizations still run by journalists (and not entertainment executives – I’m talking to you Jeff Zucker @ CNN) – the New York Times, we can see why he was rejected as a Reagan appointee for federal district court judge in this informative piece.

Here are a few choice pieces of testimony:

An African-American prosecutor, Thomas H. Figures, testified that Mr. Sessions referred to him as “boy.” Once, after an argument with a secretary, “Mr. Sessions admonished me to ‘be careful what you say to white folks,’” Mr. Figures testified.

And then there’s this tidbit as well:

In 1981, a Justice Department prosecutor from Washington stopped by to see Jeff Sessions, the United States attorney in Mobile, Ala., at the time. The prosecutor, J. Gerald Hebert, said he had heard a shocking story: A federal judge had called a prominent white lawyer “a disgrace to his race” for representing black clients.

“Well,” Mr. Sessions replied, according to Mr. Hebert, “maybe he is.”

Disgraceful.  And being considered for the role of Attorney General?  Unbelievable if the Trump transition wasn’t such a travesty.  Lest you need reminding of the role of Attorney General:

As attorney general, Mr. Sessions would be responsible for upholding civil rights laws. As secretary of defense, he would oversee one of the most ethnically diverse institutions in the country; 25 percent of the military is African-American, Asian or Hispanic

Cabinet of Contemptibles ™?  We’ll have to wait and see since there have been no official announcements as the transition team deals with ousting Christie loyals, screwing up how to deal with foreign leaders and not calling the Pentagon.  But it’s certainly looking like it so far.

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