Not Ready for Prime Time Players

November 14, 2016 · Leave a Comment

Trump’s first 5 days since losing the popular vote but winning the rural-skewed electoral college has definitely revealed what many people feared: Trump was not prepared to win, and is most likely temperamentally unfit to be President.

There was no transition plan.  Over the course of five days he jettisoned Chris Christie (he who put Jared Kushner’s father in jail, licked Trump’s feet early like an obese lap dog, disappeared for a while, tried to distance himself from his top found guilty of obstruction of justice in Bridgegate – including a soccer motrump-priebus-banonm) apparently at the urging of Pence, Kushner and others.

Trump reportedly asked how many days he’d be forced to live in that most horrible of places – lacking in marble columns and gold gilding, such as it is – the White House, and announced his intention to continue to live in Trump Tower.  If a red sports car for men is a well known *ahem* compensation, what is needing to have your name plastered on a high-rise building stretching strong to the sky?

Trump instilled at the top reaches of his administration two opposing forces with dramatically different philosophies and visions for America: Reince Priebus of the GOP establishment, and Steve Bannon, pied piper of the alt-right, anti-Semitic, racist, nationalist movement, whose incited passions were required to carry Trump to victory.  That will certainly end badly.  Interestingly, while Priebus got the more powerful position traditionally, there is nothing respectful of tradition in a Trump presidency.

Bannon’s role was placed first on the announcement.  Interesting.

Those who have worked with Trump speak of his lack of interest in reading, in details.  He goes with his gut.  He is easily influenced by the last person he speaks with (in other words he is unmoored by prinicple, philosophy, facts).  He doesn’t like to read and rarely does.  Could he be functionally illiterate?  Cleverly surrounding himself with people whom he can manipulate to hide the fact that he either does not have the patience and discipline to read, or simply can’t?

On the other hand, Trump has walked back nearly every one of his pledges, thrown during the campaign like so much chum to his rabid electors:

While all of this walking back comes as some not so small comfort to those who were appalled by the rhetoric of the campaign, it still reveals the deep and inherent risks of electing what is amounting to a blank slate as President of the country.

Does anyone recall what Saturday Night Live’s cast was called at first?  The Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time-Players.  If we can take one thing away from all of this, it’s that despite Trump’s displeasure with how he was portrayed by SNL, it’s time to dust off that old phrase, because that is exactly what has been proposed so far for the Trump cabinet and presidency.

Fasten your seat belts.

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