I’m updating this page following the election of Drumpf and the emergence of the horrible idea that Sarah Palin is being considered along a full basket of deplorables (Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giulianni, Ben Carson, and a list too long and distasteful to fling at you in full).  So I’m dusting off this old site created when Ms. Hockey-Mom-Know-Nothing was the Vice Presidential candidate, and updating it and starting my daily (?) writing exercises.  

OK, so we don’t really HATE Sarah Palin. But we DO think she’s dangerous, and we DO hate many of her positions.
And she’s not even close to being someone who should have been seriously considered for a position in the cabinet of the candidate who received a MINORITY of the votes for President of the United States of America.

It has been widely reported that Ms Palin – she of the family drama that rivals the vulgarity of reality shows like Bayou Billionaires – is being considered for Secretary of the Interior.  Her apparent qualifications are that (1) She can see Russia from her front porch, which, given the Donald’s bromance with Putin, must be convenient when she wants to smile, wave a neighborly “hello” and ask for instructions on what to do next, (2) her belief that we must treat the earth like women the Donald finds attractive and “grab it by the P@$$y” – or in its original incantation, “drill, baby, drill,” (3) She’s been looking for SOMETHING to do with all that empty interior space between her ears.

She used the campaign to further her own ambition and elbow her way onto the national stage.  How have we come to a place in the life of this nation that we think bullying and vulgarity are OK, that we think not knowing anything, not being well educated, and not caring about the poor, the displaced, those different from ourselves is either necessary or a sign of strength?

Expect some cheap shots.

Don’t worry, I’ll clean up this About page so that it doesn’t remind you of that last long contract your lawyer red-lined and you had to suffer through.  But just for today, I thought it fun to breathe some life into this old site by realizing just far we thought we had come but hadn’t in the last several years.

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