Will Sarah Palin Accept Daily Show’s Invitation?

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Always hilarious and dead-on funny, Jon Stewart takes Palin to task for playing the victim, and invites Sarah Palin to be a guest on the Daily Show.

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Palin Positioning for Possible 2012 Presidential Run

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Despite polls showing Palin’s unpopularity at stratospheric levels of 56%, her advisors are continuing to make sure that she is positioned to be able to compete for the Republican presidential primary should she choose to run. 

While most political strategists consider an unpopularity rating over 50% as career-ending, Palin is planning to give tow speeches in the important swing state of Nevada, while her team continues to make overtures to key Iowa activists in that early caucus state.  She is expected to talk about guns to a friendly crowd, and in keeping with her recent speech on the same night as Obama’s speech at the Arizona memorial for the Giffords shooting tragedy, one of her speeches will be next Tuesday – the same night at President Obama’s State of the Union speech.  Clearly she is trying to get news coverage on the same night as the President, setting herself up as an equal alternative to the President.

Other Republicans who are clearly also positioning themselves for a the Republican primary include Mormon Multi-Millionaire Mitt (Romney), Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Let the games begin!

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Stephen Colbert “Nails It!”

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As is so often the case, Stephen Colbert has said it best in his mock rebuke of “Morning Joe” cohost Mika Brzezinski:

“Mika, you need to buck up.  I know you think this story has no purpose other than keeping Sarah Palin’s name in the headlines for another news cycle.

I know you think she has nothing to offer the national dialogue, and that her speeches are just coded talking points mixed in with words picked up at random from a thesaurus.

I know you think Sarah Palin is at best a self-promoting ignoramus, and at worst a shameless media troll who will abuse any platform to deliver dog whistle encouragement to a far-right base, that may include possible insurrectionists.

I know you think her reality show was pathetically unstatesmenlike, and at the same I know you think it represents the pinnacle of her potential, and that her transparent desperation to become a celebrity so completely eclipsed her interest in public service so long ago that there would be more journalistic integrity in reporting on one of the lesser Kardashian’s a#& implants.

I know, I know that when you arrive at the office each day you say a prayer that maybe, just maybe, Sarah Palin will shut up for just ten f*&cking minutes.

I know, I know because I can see it in your eyes.

But guess what Mika, that’s the gig.  It’s only January of 2011 kido.  You still have at least two years ahead of you.  You want to stay in this game you dig deep.  You find another gear.  You show up to work every day, get your hair and makeup done.  You slap on a smile.  You get on T.V., and repeat what Sarah Palin said on Hannity last night right into the lens.  You know, news. 

I have faith in you kid, you can do it.  I’ll see you in New Hampshire.  I’ll buy.”

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Bad Polling Data for Sarah

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Sarah Palin got more bad news this week when two polls measuring favorability/unfavorability ratings were released.  In both polls Palin’s unfavorable ratings went up significantly as compared to before the mid-term elections, while favorable ratings ticked down slightly.  Overall Palin has between a 15 and 20 point unfavorable gap.

CNN/Opinion Poll:

Unfavorable = 56%

Favorable = 36%

USA Today/Gallup Poll:

Unfavorable = 52%

Favorable = 38%

These poll results underscore how badly Palin fumbled her reaction to the criticisms following the Arizona shooting tragedy.  It seems clearer than ever that Palin is not electable.  I believe she will toss her hat into the ring for President in order to maintain a national presence, keep her speaking fees high, and ensure a seat on the gravy train she was able to obtain after McCain’s hasty choice of Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate.  Palin can still inflame and energize the base – white, rural, older Christian voters who are afraid, and in the words of the Tea Party “want our country back” from the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious (and areligious) reality. 

Sadly, despite these numbers, we are likely to have to suffer more of Palin’s brand of demagoguery and her confident assertions despite her lack of intelligence and understanding of the core issues of the day, her lack of ability to appeal to citizens outside her core constituency, and her unelectability.  The Republican party would do well to come up with a strategy to neutralize her ability to make the primary so bruising as to harm their ultimate candidate.

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On Hate

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Given the national grieving over the shooting tragedy in Arizona and the healthy resulting discussion on the tone of political discourse, I thought it worthwhile to talk about running a site like hatepalin.com.

When this site was first launched, I received a lot of comments about it being inappropriate to hate anyone (including from my mother).

Let me be perfectly clear: we do not condone violence of any kind against anyone based on their political beliefs.  You will not see here hyperbolic screed designed to inflame readers.  You will not read violent or militaristic metaphors when describing Sarah Palin or the battle with her ideas.

What we hope you see is the bright light of truth, thoughtfulness and intelligence applied to what we believe are naive, simplistic and wrong-headed policies and approaches to life and politics.  As we said on our “About” page from the start, we don’t really HATE Sarah Palin, but we do hate her policies and what she stands for, and we think that her points of view are not only inconsistent with a healthy democracy, but are simply bad for America.

We will continue to collect tidbits that highlight Sarah Palin’s interaction with the world and why we think she is bad for America as long as she has a national stage which amplifies her radical views.  But please always remember that while we hate Palin the political operative, we bear no hard feelings toward Sarah Palin the person.  We actually wish her well.  Just not on the national stage.

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Tone-deaf Palin’s Political Future in Peril

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Yesterday Palin gave a live interview to Sean Hannity on Fox News which revealed both how politically tone deaf she is, and he reactions from within the GOP demonstrate that she is on the outs with most of the leaders of that party. This incident shows starkly why she does not have the political intelligence for a role in national politics.

Palin was very quickly dragged into the national discussion about how the divided and rancorous tone of political discourse might cause unstable people to acts of violence following the shooting of Congresswoman Giffords and others in Arizona. She waded in full force, but instead of rising above the argument that her words (and maps with crosshairs, and frequent “reload” messages) should be held partially responsible, she made it all about Sarah Palin. That’s all she knows how to do.

So she played the victim of powerful media, someone who was being silenced. She even chose to release a poorly timed video statement on the very day that President Obama gave a widely praised speech about unity and the national character. But Sarah’s speech was all whine and victim and playing to her base. It did not reach out to the whole nation, it reached back to her base.

She also accused her critics of participating in blood libel a reference that was both incorrect in its application and deeply offensive to Jewish people.

But Sarah had some time for introspection and good advice.  She could have anticipated questions – even from the friendly Hannity/Fox News corner – and prepared for them.  But it did not appear that she did any of those things.  Predictable questions were fumbled with inadequate answers.  She came across as defensive, angry and whiny.

At a time when even Roger Ailes and Glenn Beck seemed to sense the mood of the nation and make conciliatory gestures toward healing and unity, Sarah Palin continues to attack her critics and seems to miss the greater themes brought out by the Arizona tragedy.

Following her performance on Hannity many normally supportive voices within the GOP are distancing themselves from Sarah Palin.

Business Insider even published a piece titled “It’s Time to Bid Goodbye to Sarah Palin’s Presidential Ambitions.”  We can only hope.

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I Have A Dream

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“Now, I say to you today my friends, even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: / we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream, 1963.

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Why Palin Will Never Be President

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Did you see both the pathetic 7 minute segment posted by Sarah Palin and President Obama’s speech on Wednesday, 1.12.2011?
Please watch these back to back.

I’ll give you my summary:
Palin – Insensitive to the moment; inappropriate use of “blood libel” to describe her perceived persecution by critics following the Arizona tragedy; revealing a self-centered egotism that can only comment on something in terms of herself; attempts to defend the current vitriolic tone of political discourse by reaching back to the 18th and early 19th centuries where differences were settled by pistol or sword duels. In a word, pathetic. We see why she’s a quitter and will never be President. Her handlers, who decided this was the moment she should choose to speak out, should be charged with political malpractice.

Obama – Rising above the political; combining a subtle combination of honor, challenge to be our better selves, and a call for unity; holding out compassion and hope.

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Queers and Low-Lifes and Faggots

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Yes, those were the choice words used by Willow Palin on Facebook to attack someone who had the nerve to criticize Mama Sarah Palin’s hokey contrived “Alaska” show.

Bristol joined the pile-on, before both beat a hasty retreat after media coverage of the verbal attack. They posted an online “apology,” which was not accepted by the target of their attack. “Tre” (who is not gay) said that based on the frequency with which the Palin girls use these anti-gay epitaphs, it certainly seems like they are homophobes. The grizzly dung doesn’t fall far from the grizzly.

If you knew what shame was, Palin family, you should feel it now. But apparently that would require a level of intelligence and sophistication that is simply not a part of the family DNA.

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Hate Palin? Hate Whitman!

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For another example of raw ambition and arrogance over substance – check out www.hatewhitman.com.

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