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Obama Bests McCain in First Debate

September 27, 2008 · Leave a Comment

Good news from the first Presidential debate.

Obama won by a pretty big margin.

We were all uncertain about whether we’d see a debate or a town hall meeting.  McCain’s increasingly erratic campaign called off and then on again the debate, even though his condition (agreement on a bailout bill) was not met.

After jetting in to Washington, injecting Presidential politics into a process that by all counts was moving forward with great speed and bipartisanship, and nearly derailing the process, McCain finally figured out that America was on to his cheap stunt, and wanted the debate to go forward.  So he reversed himself and showed up for the debate.

Maybe he should have stayed home.

Although it wasn’t a knock-out punch, Obama clearly bested McCain.  The especially bad news for McCain is that the night was supposed to be about foreign affairs, a topic on which he consistently bests Obama in the opinion of pundits and most Americans.  Because of the economic crisis, the first half of the debate focused on that area, and Obama was much more comfortable and in charge during this topic.

Why do I say that Obama won?

  1. A CNN telephone poll of people who had watched the debate.  51% said Obama had done best, while only 38% said that McCain had.
  2. A CBS online poll of that all important group – the uncommitted voter:  39% said that Obama had won to only 24% who thought that McCain had won (with 37% calling it a tie).

Here is Bloomberg’s take on the results of the night:  Obama Showed Leadership, McCain Proved Experience

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No Press as Palin Meets World Leaders?

September 23, 2008 · Leave a Comment

The latest in the McCain campaign’s desperate attempt to shield its Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin from press scrutiny and possible embarrassment? They tried today to eliminate all press coverage of any of her meetings with world leaders during their visit to the United Nations, including the “pool” television coverage. After the networks threatened to pull all coverage of the day, the campaign relented.

Excuse me, what was that about openness in government?

This would be amusing if it didn’t come on the heels of eight years of a manipulated press – have you EVER seen any images of caskets of brave soldiers arriving the US after the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq or Afghanistan? That’s because the Bush administration forbids it.

So, we have to ask again: What is the McCain camp so afraid of?

See Los Angeles Times article: Sarah Palin’s U.N. meetings begin with media flap.

Update:  Apparently I wasn’t the only one getting frustrated at the lack of press exposure to Palin.  CNN’s Campbell Brown calls out the McCain campaign for restricting press access to Sarah Palin, and calls the treatment sexist:

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