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Bad Polling Data for Sarah

January 19, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Sarah Palin got more bad news this week when two polls measuring favorability/unfavorability ratings were released.  In both polls Palin’s unfavorable ratings went up significantly as compared to before the mid-term elections, while favorable ratings ticked down slightly.  Overall Palin has between a 15 and 20 point unfavorable gap.

CNN/Opinion Poll:

Unfavorable = 56%

Favorable = 36%

USA Today/Gallup Poll:

Unfavorable = 52%

Favorable = 38%

These poll results underscore how badly Palin fumbled her reaction to the criticisms following the Arizona shooting tragedy.  It seems clearer than ever that Palin is not electable.  I believe she will toss her hat into the ring for President in order to maintain a national presence, keep her speaking fees high, and ensure a seat on the gravy train she was able to obtain after McCain’s hasty choice of Palin as his Vice Presidential candidate.  Palin can still inflame and energize the base – white, rural, older Christian voters who are afraid, and in the words of the Tea Party “want our country back” from the multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious (and areligious) reality. 

Sadly, despite these numbers, we are likely to have to suffer more of Palin’s brand of demagoguery and her confident assertions despite her lack of intelligence and understanding of the core issues of the day, her lack of ability to appeal to citizens outside her core constituency, and her unelectability.  The Republican party would do well to come up with a strategy to neutralize her ability to make the primary so bruising as to harm their ultimate candidate.

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Karl Rove Predicts Obama Landslide

November 4, 2008 · Leave a Comment

While McCain attempts to keep up a brave face, Karl Rove has publicly predicted a  landslide of Obama-Biden at 338 electoral votes to McCain-Palin’s 200 (270 electoral votes needed to win).   This would be the most lopsided win since Clinton’s 1996 379-159 slaughtering of Bob Dole.

And in what has to be the oddest comment ever by a Vice Presidential candidate known for her odd comments, when asked outside the polling place in Wasilla – Sarah Palin answered that she wasn’t telling, but would exercise her right to privacy.  Huh?

And instead of a release of medical records, we get a note from her doctor saying that she’s A-OK?  Remember it was Sarah herself who said that she’d release her records.  What’s up with that?  And she does it right on the eve of the election so that it gets buried in the election coverage.  What is Sarah hiding?

In addition the Personnel Board in Alaska released its own findings that contradicted the conclusion in the Branchflower Report.  If you’ll remember the independent investigator found that Palin had violated Alaska’s ethics laws by using the power of the Governor’s office to try to get her ex-brother-in-law fired as a trooper (Troopergate).  This second report says that she did not violate ethics laws.  The only problem is that the members of the Personnel Board – you bethca’ – appointed by the Governor.  So the Governor rejects the finding of the independent investigator appointed by the bipartisan legislature as biased, but says that the report from people she appointed is unbiased.  Huh?

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